Found a problem on your walk? Whether it’s locked gates, rampant undergrowth or missing signs, occasionally we find our paths blocked or in need of attention. Whatever the issue, we want to know about it!

What is a footpath problem?

  • Stiles broken or strung with barbed wire
  • Locked gates
  • Path full of nettles or blocked by other vegetation
  • Misleading signs e.g. ‘private land’ or missing signs
  • Dangerous animals

How do you report a problem?

If you encounter a footpath problem the important thing is to record it and then report it. If possible take photographs of the issue, both close-up and from further away, and record the location carefully.

The problem can then be reported directly to the local authority. A full list of local contacts is below – send them a report with the exact locations and photo evidence. Alternatively it is possible to report footpath problems directly to The Ramblers via their website and they will raise the issue and follow it up on your behalf.