Most people come on two or three walks with the group before joining officially so feel free to come on a walk to try the group out and we’d be happy to see you.

If you decide you wish to continue walking with the group after this you must join through the Ramblers Association

You can do this online on the Ramblers Association website
site here or we also have printed joining forms too.
You can pay by cheque, debit card or direct debit.

Be sure you put in the “Group” box
Oxon 20s & 30s Walkers OX50

Current annual cost of membership is £35.85 with reduced rates for full-time students. Many people find they can recoup much of this because Ramblers membership entitles you to discounts on walking gear at a range of retailers.

If you are already a Ramblers member and want to become part of our group you just need to let the Ramblers know of your change of group. You can find the details on how to do this here that way you’ll go on all the right mailing lists. Also you can let the Ramblers know of a change of address here.

For members we also have regular pub nights, weekends
away and plenty of other social activities too…so it is not just walking!

You can contact the Membership Secretary if you have any questions on membership.